Brainstorm mentioned in Fast Company

I have to say that I wasn’t totally surprised last week when an interview with Intuit’s founder, Scott Cook, turned up in Fast Company.  That’s the kind of thing he does.  But, I was definitely surprised that he talked a good deal about Brainstorm.

Scott on empowering employees…

“You’ve seen these people–the people who say: The boss doesn’t get it. The company doesn’t get it,” Cook explains. “They know how to fix it. They have ideas, but no one cares, and no one allows them to try what they think is right. It’s crushing to the human spirit and potential.”

Scott on what can come out of it…

Cook believes this attitude changes the nature of work–at least it did at Intuit. Several years ago, two of the company’s youngest employees noticed their way of idea collaboration had become outmoded. “They had only been there four months, and they looked at our system and said, ‘That sucks,'” Cook explains. “They said, ‘We can do a lot better.’ And they did.”

I think that Scott might have directly quoted us there.  We did say “that sucks.”  But, because of Intuit’s culture, it wasn’t a roll over and moan about it situation.  We did something.  And now that something is getting mentioned in outlets like Fast Company.  Wow.  I can’t wait to see where it goes…

…until the next day we find something that sucks and decide to do something about it.


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