I’m a Midwest transplant to Silicon Valley.That's me!

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in 2006 and have since worked for Intuit, a software maker focused on personal and small business financial software.  During that time, I’ve worked in strategy, marketing, and product management.

But, the work that most captured my interests and passions has been related to innovation.  I quickly observed that all employees, especially those closest to the customer, have ideas that can transform an organization.  Those ideas stay locked away in the drawers, post-it notes, and minds of those who have them.  It shouldn’t be like that.

Intuit Brainstorm is our attempt to give employees a forum for their ideas.  It’s a web-based tool that allows employees to connect and collaborate.  Brainstorm is built around the premise that the primary motivation of innovators is to see their ideas become reality.  If you give innovators the tools they need to make their ideas reality, they’ll use it.  And, since May 2008, that’s exactly what innovators at Intuit have done.  They’ve used Brainstorm to build momentum within the organization for ideas like ViewMyPaycheck and TimeCatcher and eventually bring them to market — creating growth for Intuit and inspiring other innovators at the same time.

A good chunk of my time is spent planning, strategizing, and evangelizing all things Brainstorm.

Other places you can find me online

Awards at Intuit

  • Scott Cook Innovation Award
  • Patent Award (x3)
  • Legion Award

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