“Kicking out the ladder” with Honda

A video I did awhile back for a campaign that Honda was running about empowered employees who don’t necessarily respect the corporate ladder.  Funny how the one comment on the video on YouTube refers to “kicking out the ladder” as what executives do so that no one can ever catch up to them.  To each his own.  I guess I’m more of a “What ladder?  There’s a ladder?” type person.


Aphorism for a New Year

It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.

— Yogi Berra

A tad indulgent?

Blogging, after Twittering, is the most self-indulgent thing someone can do online.  It’s your own personal pulpit.  Whatever the topic, you can share your opinion, report the facts, or just flat out rant.  And while the hope is that the content you create adds to the discourse — the marketplace of ideas — rarely is that the case.  Blogs now number in the millions.  Any individual post is but a drop in a tsunami of content flowing over the web.

So let’s be honest.  Blogging is not so much about being heard, because we know in our gut that’s not likely to happen.  It’s more about the possibility of being heard.  That feeling that your opinions, your thoughts, your writing could matter.  At some level, that could be viewed as narcissistic.  At the very least, it’s self-indulgent.

I’ve decided to embrace that fact with the naming of this blog.  Between the title and the tagline that WordPress gives me, I’ve managed to use my name for three of the eight total words.  That’s self-indulgent.  And, the blog can be found at www.tadmilbourn.com.  That’s really self-indulgent.

As for what I’ll write about, you can expect an article or two every month on topics I am passionate about.  Primarily, that’s innovation and entrepreneurship.  Occasionally, it’s journalism and education.  I’ll try to stay focused on topics that I have personal experience with and therefore, a shot at a fresh perspective.  I’ll try to refrain from reacting to reactions…commenting on the blog post reacting to the tweet reacting to the New York Times article as there’s little value to be added there.  I use the word try intentionally because, well, I’m blogging and every now and then…

…I just might indulge myself.